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Team Details

Selection Process

We take evaluation of our players seriously. Building rosters & player pools for each grad year is a process that takes time, one we have found success in growing organically. Utilizing a combination of invited players, evaluation focused training camps, application submissions, and recommendations from trusted coaches we build player pools for anywhere from 25 - 35 players at each age group. 


We remain committed to providing an a la carte experience at the national level, to achieve this we understand that ALL of our players have local & regional commitments and we expect that those will come first. With that in mind, to continue in good standing with Eighteen National players are required to attend at least one (1) training camp, or (1) national camp, each calendar year in addition to any potential tournaments they compete in. 


With our program pulling kids from 35+ states total, we are a true “national” program. Because of this our teams do not have regular practice like other comparable programs. To build continuity and truly embrace the “development” model we run training camps where only our national pool are invited to train and practice. 



Rosters can range anywhere from 20 - 25 players per team depending on grad year and player availability. We understand that roster size is always a point of contention as it often can affect playing time. The simple understanding with Eighteen National teams is that “playing time” will be “fair but not always equal”. 


The expectation on our youth national teams is that players & parents will be open to multiple roles on the field as players gain experience, confidence, & passion for specific positions. 


In our attempt to keep our national program as a la carte as possible and continue to field highly competitive teams we do not have a “set” schedule for our teams. 



​​Compete in “The Circuit” as one of the founding members in fall/winter & early summer

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" Eighteen National has provided me with the opportunity to compete with and against the best players in the country. "

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