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Eighteen National FAQ's

What is Eighteen National?

Eighteen National is an “a la carte” national program, the first of its kind providing opportunities for focused lacrosse players to experience fresh coaching feedback, national competition, and a general environment focused only on benefiting/developing its players. 


How are Eighteen National teams chosen?

Player pools consisting of anywhere from 25-35 players are selected at each grad year. Teams are selected per event from the player pool based on evaluations, fit, etc. Players MUST attend Eighteen National camp(s) to be considered for the player pool. 


Can I lose my spot on Eighteen National?

Our teams are put together on a rolling basis. We are constantly evaluating current players and new players at events and camps. It is not a given to be invited back to tournaments due to previous participation. 


How many players do you carry for a tournament?

Our teams can carry anywhere from 19-22 players depending on age. Regardless of age our teams typically carry 2 goalies, and at least one FOSO. 


How does Eighteen National handle playing time?

Eighteen National is not “pay-to-play”. The expectation is that our players are investing in their own games away from Eighteen to constantly compete at the highest level. At the same time we recognize and look to balance the idea that to truly develop players opportunities must be given on the field in critical situations. 


What does Eighteen National cost?

Cost varies depending on events competing in. ALL Eighteen National players will pay a “pool” fee that includes, jerseys, sweats, coaches 


Who will coach the team?

We have an incredible staff of coaches with experience at all levels. Although we like the continuity of keeping our coaches with specific teams it is not always possible.


Does Eighteen National reserve hotel blocks for tournaments?

We do not typically reserve hotel blocks for our teams, with the nationwide nature of our program we leave accommodations to each family. 


When do players receive jerseys, sweats, other gear?

Typically, new players will receive jerseys at our shoot around practice the night before each tournament. 

How do I register?

Eighteen National events are not always listed on the Team Eighteen Leagueapps account. Please reach out for questions on how to register for specific events/tournaments. 


Why does registration require a password?

Passwords are required as a way for us to manage our rosters and make sure we are putting together competitive teams with players we want to work with and grow with us. Please contact if interested in talking about registering. 

What is the $100.00 jersey fee?

This is a one-time fee for our jersey kit consisting of Eighteen National reversible, shorts, & shooting shirt, all provided by our sponsor LEGENDS and Fourg Athletics. 

The coaching, despite the majority of the team being distant and unable to practice together consistently, has been top-notch.

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