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An ultra-competitive national level program,
rooted in a culture of supporting players and their families.



Eighteen National's goal and purpose is to create an ultra competitive national level program, and to provide a culture that supports both the players and their families.

The 3 main factors that make Eighteen National a positive, yet different experience are:

  1. A La Carte Model

  2. Coaching Staff

  3. Boutique Experience & Offerings

To express interest and receive additional information on upcoming opportunities and offerings, fill out our Player Application link below!

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" The coaches bring so much to the table. Their knowledge, experience and love of the game is unmatched! "


REASON ONE - A La Carte Model

Eighteen National allows families & players to select which event(s) they can attend without pressure or expectations to attend any & all events.

REASON TWO - Coaching Staff

The Eighteen National coaching staff brings countless number of years of experience and more importantly, brings a coaching staff that will remain consistent for families throughout their journey with Eighteen National.

REASON THREE - Boutique Experience / Offerings

Eighteen National teams will target boutique and specialized events & offerings to attend. Events such as The Circuit | Naptown Challenge | Sandstorm Festival are just some examples of events that Eighteen National teams will attend.

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